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Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

  • Trishul Vaghani


    Trish has been with the company and originating loans since 2009. He started out processing loans for the company, which helped him understand the operations aspect of the business first. Currently he focuses on investment property financing while also focusing on the growth & day-to-day operations of the company…

  • Mike Partipilo

    Loan Processing

    Mike has been with the company since its inception in 2005. He has been in the industry since 2002 Started out as a loan originator but loved the operations part of the business so he focused on processing. With both processing & originating experiences, he is knowledgeable in the full mortgage process…

  • Adam Rautbort

    Loan Closing/Funding

    Adam joined the company in 2016. He joined as a newcomer with no industry experience but learned quick and is one of the best loan closers in the business. He loves the closing process and always makes himself available for quick & smooth closings…

  • Kevin White

    Loan Origination

    Kevin is a seasoned mortgage professional with over 20 years in the industry. The three milestones in life for most are; getting married, purchasing a home, and having children. He is very honored to be able to help with one of these very important achievements in your life.

  • Vishal Vaghani

    Loan Origination

    Vishal has been with Bluestar Mortgage since June, 2012. Vishal prides himself in being able to provide the best service to his clients. What sets him apart from everyone else is his ability to connect with his clients and provide a personalized plan of action for them.

  • Jim Musial

    Loan Origination

    Jim has 30+ years of experience in the lending industry. He has successfully built relationships assisting multiple generations of families to realize their dreams of home ownership…

  • Bhupen Patel

    Loan Origination
  • Robert White

    Loan Origination

    Rob has 40 years of financial experience under his belt and over 14 years in the mortgage industry. These extensive experiences allows him to fully & expertly understand the entire home buying and refinance process to easily explain to his clients…

  • Jairaj Bhatia

    Loan Origination
  • Debra Sineni

    Loan Origination

    Deb’s 20 year experience in providing knowledge and expert advice to her mortgage clients has earned her a position of trust and confidence as she guides her clients through the loan process with ease…

  • Debra Brown

    Loan Origination

    She had her loan originators license since 2007. Her managing broker license since 1997. She obtained both as it was her goal to be well rounded in the entire buying process. She is proud to say that she has been successfully able to do just that. When you speak with Debra, you will find a direct, knowledgeable and personable Loan Officer…

  • Mera Cavyan

    Loan Origination
  • Karmegam Thayalan

    Loan Origination

    Thayalan is focused on providing exceptional customer service. He strives to help borrowers identify the right loan product that meets their specific mortgage loan needs…