Non Warrantable Condo Loan

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Living in a condominium can be an excellent choice for varied reasons. It can be a good option in property ownership without stressing your home’s exterior maintenance. It may also be economical to reside in a city or even a hot spot vacation without purchasing an entire house.

What causes a condo unit non-warrantable?

A condo unit is deemed non-warrantable when it does not meet the traditional guidelines and will not be purchased by government-supported individuals like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Thus, it may be challenging to look for funding since major lenders find an increased risk to finance a loan for this kind of property.

Certain companies may have their own set of standards to find out of it is non-warrantable or warrantable, but in general, below are the causes for a condo unit to be considered non-warrantable:

  • The construction project is new or not yet complete.
  • The control is still in the developer and has not yet been entrusted to the homeowners association.
  • Non-owners inhabit a massive portion of units.
  • The community accepts short-term rentals
  • An individual or company owns over 10% of the total number of condo units.
  • There are lawsuits involving the developer and building owner.

Non-Warrantable Condo Loan Financing

It may be challenging to look for reasonable financing for a non-warrantable condo unit. But you can team up with loan experts to attain your dream of acquiring a condo unit. They will provide options and solutions to finance the loan you want for that perfect condo unit without the hassles and stress.

  • A non-warrantable condo loan includes the following:
  • Procurement or Refinance
  • High loan-to-value (LTV) financing and loan restrictions
  • Decide on fixed and adjustable-rate options
  • Flexible qualifying conditions
  • All investment properties are eligible, including principal residence and second homes.

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