• Human Touch

    We strive on building loan term relationships with clients. We aren’t going to make you fill out a bunch of forms just to get the process started. We will walk through the application with you and address any concerns at the start of the process.

  • Simplicity

    We make the dreaded mortgage process as easy possible. All of our loan officers are involved in every step of the process so they are knowledgeable in exactly what is needed for loan approval.

  • Availability

    We are not a traditional mortgage bank, so our loan officer’s don’t have traditional “banking” hours. We understand that you have work during banking hours so we work on your schedule.

Client Testimonials
  • First, I want to thank God for these many blessings, and for allowing us to work with Bluestar Mortgage. We really appreciate the patience and understanding that our loan officer (KEVIN WHITE) has provided. He and his company ranks NUMBER 1, in our home loan experience. I and my family will always look to them for our home buying experiences, also we would HIGHLY RECOMMEND their services to all that are looking to purchase a new home or just to refinance their current one in the near future.

    Kevin White
  • Trish helped me obtain a loan as a first time home buyer, while also helping me navigate through not one but TWO short sales (to finally land the second one). To say he went above and beyond his typical job responsibilities would be an understatement and I’d definitely use him again should I be in the market. I’d highly recommend him to anyone.

    Trish Vaghani
  • We had a very professional and thorough assistance on our mortgage process and closing with Trish Vaghani. His in-depth analysis on numbers, readiness to answer any questions (however foolish) at any time and meeting us outside working hours to explain the steps and feedback on the mortgage status was most reassuring. Trish was able to source and secure us a favorable rate and able to meet the deadline that we had in mind. I highly recommend Trish for his knowledge and approach.

    Trish Vaghani
  • We recently worked with Debra S in obtaining our loan and she was great. She made sure right up front that we know what was expected of us so there were no surprises throughout the process. Debra works very hard to make sure everything works out for the best for her clients and their best interests. What sets Debra apart from others in her profession is that she really cares, has a lot of integrity and can be trusted completely. I would highly recommend her to everyone who is looking for a home loan.

    Debra Sineni
  • My wife and I previously (a few years ago) worked with Debra on refinancing our mortgage. That experience went really well, so this Spring when we decided to move to a new home we were very happy to call on her again for a new mortgage.

    Debra is really great to work with, she takes the time to explain costs and also the processes involved with securing a mortgage and exactly what’s needed for closing. Our costs were very reasonable and we received a good mortgage rate. It especially helps when you can work with good people and they also know their business very well. If the need ever arises again to refinance or secure a new mortgage, we will definitely call Debra again. She is 5 stars.

    Debra Sineni
  • Rob was so very patient with my husband and I. His extensive real estate and worldly financial experience was reassuring and spot on with his advice and support.

    Robert White
  • I used Bluestar Mortgage Inc., while purchasing my first home in 2015 based on the recommendation of my real estate agent as she had worked with them before with no complaints. As it was my first experience i was completely overwhelmed with the process and had tons of questions.

    Fortunately, for me I was able to work with Kevin who took pitty on me and tried his best to ensure that I received the best mortgage and rates for my situation. In addition, Kevin was able to walk me through every single step of the process and gave me very detailed explanations regarding what was happening and why it was happening. He was able to keep the process extremely simplified so that I would be able to follow along and not feel out of the loop.

    I would highly recommend Bluestar Mortgage Inc as I personally believe this company exemplifies customer service and putting the customer first in addition to providing consistent excellent performance. While managing to exceed all of my expectations. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with.

    Kevin White
  • I really appreciate all of Trish’s help in this cumbersome but overwhelming process of House hunting and mortgage approval. I have heard the stories of people haunted by lenders’ stringent requirements and nightmares of rejecting application for no reason. I must say, my mortgage approval process was really smooth and transparent. All credit goes to Trish, as he abstracted out most of the aggravation for me and made it pleasant ride.

    Again, thank you very much. I would definitely recommend you as Mortgage agent and it was a great time working with you.

    Trish Vaghani
  • My wife and I were very pleased with the service, Kevin and his team always had an answer for us and made our loan approval very smooth. Very knowledgeable company they asked for stuff they needed upfront to avoid wasting time and work the loan process faster. Will definitely recommend to our friends and family.

    Thank you for all your help and thank you for making our dream home ours!

    Kevin White
  • Jim’s service is invaluable. He answered every question I had and took the time to provide me with all the options so I could make an informed decision. His main concern throughout my home buying process was to ensure that I was making the right choice for me. He went above and beyond my expectations – not only did he find the best rate but the pre-approval process to final underwriting approval took 7 business days.

    Throughout the process Jim communicated clearly what was needed from me and what to expect. Knowing that I had Jim in my corner made the entire process was easy and effortless. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jim again in the future or recommend him to all my friends and family.

    Jim Musial
  • Vishal was great throughout the entire loan process. Was very reachable and answered every question I had in a timely manner. Will definitely being doing business with him again.

    From start to finish Vishal was extremely helpful and answered any and all questions I had. Communication was great and he always explained everything in detail to help me understand. Made buying a house easy and stress-free. I will definitely be referring family and friends to him!

    Vishal Vaghani

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