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What is a no-doc mortgage loan?

A no-doc mortgage loan is a home loan that does not need the provision of typical income documentation from the borrower, such as tax returns, W-2 forms, or pay stubs. Instead, bank statements are being considered by lenders as proof of your income in repaying your mortgage. However, there is a downside to this kind of loan, i.e., it comes with a higher interest rate.

Kinds of low-doc to no-doc mortgage loan and to who they are best for

Below are the kinds of loans that you might come across when searching for a low-doc or no-doc, or low-loans:

1. Stated Income, Stated Assets (SISA)

A declaration of your yearly income and assets are needed when applying for a mortgage in a SISA loan since the numbers you provide will already be adequate to the lender.

Best for: Borrowers considering purchasing property investment.

2. Stated Income, Verified Assets (SIVA)

Like SISA, the borrowers need to declare their revenue when applying for a mortgage. The difference is that the lender validates the borrower’s assets, and typically, 6 to 24 months’ worth of bank account details is being asked by the lenders.

Best for: Someone who has a personal bank account making money from income or stipends, such as restaurant attendants and salespersons—likewise, those independent workers or contractors with a high net worth.

3. No Income Verification, Verified Assets (NIVA)

Comparable to SIVA loans, the borrowers do not divulge their revenues whatsoever when applying for a mortgage. It is the borrowers’ assets that the lender is validating.

Best for: Retirees whose proceeds come from their retirement or investment accounts.

In such a case, a pension statement account must be provided to validate their assets.

4. No Income Verification, No Asset Verification (NINA)

Among all the kinds of loans, the NINA loan has the least requirements. In the borrowers’ loan application, they do not declare their revenues or assets, instead will need to give their name, Social Security number, an initial amount for the payment amount, and the property location being funded. Approval depends on the property’s worth, accompanied by the borrower’s good credit score, down payment, and evidence of what means they will settle the monthly payments.

Best for: A borrower who cannot provide the documentation needed on a traditional loan. An example of this is a person who needs maximum privacy and is hired by a foreign company or a person utilizing an inheritance to procure property. In this scenario, an impeccable credit history is necessary to be eligible for this kind of loan.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a no-doc mortgage loan


  • Ownership of a house is more attainable. Suppose you have difficulty securing a conventional loan because of rigorous documentation requirements. In that case, the no-doc or low-doc loan may support you for eligibility for a mortgage loan.
  • High-speed Application. Since this is a no-doc or low-doc loan, the completion is quicker compared to a conventional loan because there is less to substantiate.


  • This kind of loan is rare. You may find it challenging to look for a lender who provides no-doc or low-doc mortgages. Lenders usually label their loan product as a “no-doc” loan when it requires less-strict conditions but will typically be essential to show a specific type of documentation.
  • Less beneficial terms of the loan. The interest loan rates in a no-doc or low-doc mortgage are tremendous than on a traditional loan. This will be based on the amount of your initial payment, assets, credit score, and the extent of your employment disclosure.
  • Initial payment and credit score requirements are greater. A minimum of 700 credit scores is typically needed for a no-doc mortgage loan. Likewise, a down payment equivalent to 30% of the home’s value may be required.

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