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Trishul Vaghani

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Trishul Vaghani

Trish has been with the company and originating loans since 2009. He started out processing loans for the company, which helped him understand the operations aspect of the business first. Currently he focuses on investment property financing while also focusing on the growth & day-to-day operations of the company.


2017 top mortgage originator

Trish is an AREAA winner 2 years in a row (2016 & 2017)

Five Star Professional Award

Trish is a 5 star home professional winner 3 years in a row

Article Trish has written

Business Management News

The New Wave of Lending – January 21,2017


“I really appreciate all of Trish’s help in this cumbersome but overwhelming process of House hunting and mortgage approval. I have heard the stories of people haunted by lenders’ stringent requirements and nightmares of rejecting application for no reason. I must say, my mortgage approval process was really smooth and transparent. All credit goes to Trish, as he abstracted out most of the aggravation for me and made it pleasant ride. Again, thank you very much. I would definitely recommend you as Mortgage agent and it was a great time working with you.”


“Trish helped me obtain a loan as a first time home buyer, while also helping me navigate through not one but TWO short sales (to finally land the second one). To say he went above and beyond his typical job responsibilities would be an understatement and I’d definitely use him again should I be in the market. I’d highly recommend him to anyone”


“We had a very professional and thorough assistance on our mortgage process and closing with Trish Vaghani. His in-depth analysis on numbers, readiness to answer any questions (however foolish) at any time and meeting us outside working hours to explain the steps and feedback on the mortgage status was most reassuring. Trish was able to source and secure us a favorable rate and able to meet the deadline that we had in mind. I highly recommend Trish for his knowledge and approach.”