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Jim Musial

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Jim Musial

Jim has 30+ years of experience in the lending industry. He has successfully built relationships assisting multiple generations of families to realize their dreams of home ownership. Jim will take the time to listen to what the specific needs are and his goal is to meet and exceed your expectations with the knowledge and expertise for each unique situation. Jim will work hard to communicate at all times and close your loan on time.


Dedicated, Sincere, Professional.
“Years ago my wife and I were immediately contacted by Jim in response to filling out a home loan refinance application on LendingTree. His was the best offer we received. We were naturally leary of jumping right on the first good offer so we researched all of our options and Jim was happy to answer any questions we had. It turned out that Jim’s was in fact the best offer with nothing hidden, so we began the process. Customer service is so important to us and Jim exceeded all of our expectations. It was so refreshing to deal with such an honest, sincere, dedicated professional. When speaking with Jim you really get the sense that he has your best interest at heart. Jim made the whole process go so smoothly by quickly explaining and resolving any issues or concerns we had. Many years later with kids headed to college, it was time to refinance again. So last year I personally tracked Jim down for an offer. It was a pleasure to speak with him again and of course his offer was the best. His dedication and care has not faltered – the process again went quickly and without a hitch. I have asked Jim to keep me on his e-mail list in case we have any loan needs in the future. Dealing with him is a pleasure.”


Great Customer Service and Rates
“Jim worked with me to get me the best rates and costs for my refinance. He kept me informed every step of the way. He even worked with me before we did the loan because he was able to give me some tips about improving my credit scores. The loan closed on time as I had just been divorced and I needed to close as soon as possible to comply with my divorce decree. I would and have recommended Jim to my friends and family for a refinance or a purchase. His company is courteous and right on time with the best rates available as well!”


The best there is!
Jim goes above and beyond to ensure you get the best rate and service! At the time when rates are going up again Jim found the lowest rate. The loan process was a breeze and Jim made sure to be in touch every step of the way. He’s very knowledgeable. I knew that if I had any questions I could pick up the phone and call him knowing that he’d answered all questions and take the time to go through all of my options in order to make sure I could make a well informed decision. You can trust that Jim has your best interest in mind.”


“Jim’s service is invaluable. He answered every question I had and took the time to provide me with all the options so I could make an informed decision. His main concern throughout my home buying process was to ensure that I was making the right choice for me. He went above and beyond my expectations – not only did he find the best rate but the pre-approval process to final underwriting approval took 7 business days. Throughout the process Jim communicated clearly what was needed from me and what to expect. Knowing that I had Jim in my corner made the entire process was easy and effortless. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jim again in the future or recommend him to all my friends and family.”